‘Yet here am I among you like a waiter’: John N Collins

Disciples are to call down from the Jesus in their midst what they have the courage to open themselves to in his self-giving. For deacons this message may well be especially meaningful, but deacons do not take their name from here. They take that from another kind of diakonia. We see this clearly in what the later writer, Ignatius of Antioch, had to comment about the deacons among the Trallians: ‘they are not deacons (diakonoi) of food and drink but are officers (hypēretai) of the Church of God.’

Priestliness of the Diaconate

The overlooking of the particular ministry of deacons is
almost certainly due to a particular kind of clericalism – the
association of ‘priesthood’ with ‘leadership’, and the propensity
to collapse general talk of vocation into the particular calling
to the ordained ministry of priest.