Lent Reflections 6: Part of the Body

Just after Easter, I realised that I needed to go to a foodbank. I didn’t want to but had to. While I was there, I was given a voucher to come to the café that’s attached to the Church. I didn’t come with any intention of joining the Church. When I was having my meal, I asked the person who was there what sort of church it was. I told him I have beliefs but wasn’t sure in what. He said that, as Christians, we believe in Jesus. Something just clicked.

Lent Reflections 5: honouring others

“I came to the food bank, I still had my car and I was well dressed. As I entered the building I overheard people say – “what is she doing here?”  That’s why it is so important to me that people don’t judge a book by its cover. We never know what is going on in someone’s life, behind closed doors.”

Lent Reflections 3: prayer and kindness

For John, prayer and kindness are at the heart of Christianity and his choice of Bible readings reflects that.  John chose the book of Ruth from the Old Testament – a book he has come across recently as his church are reading through the Old Testament. He read it straight through in 20 minutes. He said: “I was really drawn to this book. I liked the way Ruth looked after her mother-in-law, Naomi. If someone hadn’t helped me I wouldn’t be here today.

Lenten reflections: 1. Trusting God for our daily needs

‘When I was thinking about a Bible verse or story that I wanted to share there was one that kept popping into my mind. It is a verse that was very important to me about five years ago. At that point my marriage had ended traumatically and my husband had left me with nothing. I had lost my job, lost friends, and after many struggles and deeply troubling circumstances reached a place where I found myself with just £2 in my pocket.

Who cares for the deacon?

I've heard a number of stories recently of deacons experiencing burnout, or whose situation is very challenging and exhausting. The church's pastoral care of deacons can be sadly lacking. And it's so easy for deacons to neglect themselves, especially when our work is demanding.  Here are some practical and spiritual pointers for looking after our own needs as well as  the needs of others.