What is a Distinctive Deacon?

The Church of England recognises three orders of ordained ministry: bishop, priest and deacon. Distinctive deacons inhabit, explore and develop the ministry of the diaconate, part of the church’s ministry since the apostles.

They are called ‘distinctive’ to distinguish them from those who spend an initial period in ordained ministry as deacons before becoming priests (sometimes called ‘transitional’ deacons).

What does a Distinctive Deacon do? 

Distinctive Deacons have a strong call to an outward-looking and community-minded ministry. They prefer to be out and about, making contacts, building relationships, identifying and meeting needs, creating stepping-stones between God and the world. They often have a particular concern for issues of poverty and justice and many minister to those on the margins of church and society.

Does a Distinctive Deacon receive a salary?

A distinctive deacon is usually a self-supporting minister, and many deacons continue in secular employment.

Distinctive Deacons in the Church of England

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