Constitution: Church of England Network of Distinctive Deacons (CENDD)

Church of England Network of Distinctive Deacons


1 Name
The Unincorporated Association’s name is Church of England Network of Distinctive Deacons (CENDD)

2 Purposes

The purposes of CENDD are to advance the religious and other charitable work of the Church of England by supporting the discernment, training, education and development of Distinctive Deacons and their Ministry in the Church of England, by (but not exclusively):

  • Promoting an understanding of the distinctive diaconate as an ordained ministry in its own right, which works alongside priesthood
  • Promoting, encouraging and arranging training for Distinctive Deacons
  • Publishing literature, training and educational materials both electronically and in hard copy
  • Providing pastoral support for Distinctive Deacons and for their training and development
  • Organising conferences, both in person and online
  • Providing advice, aid and service to the National Ministry Development Team of the Archbishops’ Council (hereinafter called “the NMDT”) concerning the training and ministry of Distinctive Deacons
  • Representing Distinctive Deacons in the wider Church of England

3 Steering Group

The Association shall be managed by a Steering Group appointed at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The Steering Group shall be accountable to its patron (currently the Rt Rev James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle).

4 Carrying out the purposes
In order to carry out the purposes of the Association, the Steering Group has the power to:

  • raise funds, receive grants and donations
  • apply funds to carry out the work of the Association
  • do anything which is lawful and necessary to achieve these purposes

5 Membership
The only voting members of CENDD shall be the members of the Steering Group.

6 Annual General Meeting – AGM
(1) The AGM must be held every year, with 14 days’ notice given to all Steering Group members including agenda items. Minutes must be kept of the AGM.
(2) There must be at least 3 Steering Group members present at the AGM.
(3) Every Steering Group member has one vote.

(4) The Steering Group shall present the annual report and accounts.

7 Appointment and removal of Steering Group Members
(1) The AGM will appoint between 3 and 10 Steering Group members to serve for the next year. They will retire at the next AGM but may be reappointed. There is no limit to the time that members can be reappointed.

(2) Steering Group members may be removed from the Steering Group if:

(a) He/she decides to resign, giving a month’s notice to the Chair

(b) The other members resolve that he/she be removed, or

(c) He/she misses more than 3 consecutive meetings.

8 Steering Group meetings
(1) Steering Group must hold at least 3 meetings each year. At their first meeting after the AGM the Steering Group will appoint a chair, treasurer and secretary.
(2) At least 3 members of the Steering Group must be present at the meeting to be able to take decisions. Minutes shall be kept for every meeting.
(3) If Steering Group members have a conflict of interest they must declare it and leave the meeting while this matter is being discussed or decided.
(4) During the year, the Steering Group may appoint up to 2 additional Steering Group members. They will stand down at the next AGM but are eligible to be reappointed.(5) The Steering Group may invite others to join Steering Group meetings in an advisory capacity.
(6) The Steering Group may make reasonable additional rules to help run the Association. These rules must not conflict with this constitution or the law.(7) If the Steering Group consider it necessary to change the constitution, or wind up the Association, they must call a meeting specifically for this purpose, with 14 days’ notice.  All decisions require a two thirds majority. Minutes must be kept.
(8) Winding up – any money or property remaining after payment of debts must be given to an organisation or charity with similar purposes to this one.

9 Money and property
(1) Money and property must only be used for the Association’s purposes.
(2) The Steering Group must keep accounts. The most recent annual accounts can be seen by anybody on request.
(3) Steering Group members cannot receive any money or property from the charity, except to refund reasonable out of pocket expenses.
(4) Money must be held in the Association’s bank account. All payments by cheques must be signed by 2 Steering Group members.  All payments by online transfer must be authorised by two Steering Group members.

 Setting up the Association
This constitution was adopted on 1 August 2022 by the members of the National Steering Group.

They are the first Steering Group members and will serve as such until the AGM, which must be held within one year of this date.