Useful Books and Papers


Barnett, James: The Diaconate The Seabury Press 1981

Brown, Rosalind: Being a Deacon Today, Rosalind Brown 2005. Canterbury Press ISBN: 9781853116247

Clark, David: Building Kingdom Communities: with the diaconate as a new order of mission, David Clark 2016: Fastprint publishing Paperback ISBN: 9781784563110

Collins, John N: Deacons and the Church: making connections between old and new: John N Collins 2002. Morehouse Publishing (2002) ISBN-10: 0819219339 ISBN-13: 978-0819219336

Collins, John N: Diakonia: Re-interpreting the Ancient Sources (OUP 2009)

D. Michael Jackson (editor), Frederick C. Bauerschmidt, et al. The Diaconate in Ecumenical Perspective: Ecclesiology, Liturgy and Practice. Book Details: Format: Paperback (216 pages) Publisher: Sacristy Press, 2019. ISBN: 978-1-78959-035-7 Permission must be requested to reuse any content from this book.

Jackson, Michael D: The Diaconate Renewed: Service, Word and Worship M Jackson The Diaconate Renewed revised November 2019

Distinctive Diaconate, The: Diocese of Salisbury 2003. Sarum College Press ISBN-10: 0953483614 ISBN-13: 978-0953483617

Epting, Susanne W: Unexpected Consequences: the diaconate renewed: Susanne Watson Epting 2015. Morehouse Publishing New York ISBN-10: 0819229792 ISBN-13: 978-0819229793

Hall Christine (ed.) The Deacon’s Ministry, (Leominster: Gracewing, 1991)

Hall, Christine and Hannaford, Robert: Order and Ministry Gracewing 1996

House of Bishops Report: Deacons in the Ministry of the Church (CHP 1988)

Keating, James: The Deacon Reader: ed. by James Keating. Published by Gracewing, 2006. ISBN 0 85244 675 6

Kimber, Gill: Deacon by Design – the Ups and Downs of an Anglican Deacon 2019 (Verite CM Ltd) ISBN: 978-1-910719-79-4 or for copies email

Liturgical Ministry of Deacons, The: Michael Kwatera: Liturgical Press 2005

Young, Francis: Inferior Office? A history of deacons in the Church of England: Francis Young 2015. James Clarke and Co Ltd ISBN-10: 0227174887 ISBN-13: 978-0227174883

Faith and Order Advisory Group of the Church of England, The Mission and Ministry of the Whole Church: Biblical, theological and contemporary perspectives. GS Misc 854, (London: Church House Publishing, 2007)

For Such a Time as This: A Renewed Diaconate in the Church of England, GS 1407 (London: Church House Publishing, 2001). 0-7151-5764-7

WCC:  Called to Transformation:  Ecumenical Diakonia.  This can be bought as a book or downloaded in pdf from this link.

Useful Papers

Avis, Paul: “Diaconate: Flagship ministry”, 2013

Brown, R: “Formation, training and CMD for vocational deacons”

Brown, R: “Spirit-filled Diaconate, for submission to Ecclesiology”

Brown, R: “1. Theological underpinnings of the diaconate”, June 2018

Carrington, ME: “Survey of Good Practice in Diaconal Formation”, 2014

Foster, Jessica: “Deacon in a multi-faith context”, 2015

Gooder, Paula: “Diaconate”, 2006

Jackson, D Michael: “The Diaconate Renewed”, revised October 2021

Newcome, James (The Rt Rev James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle): “Case for the Distinctive Diaconate”

Orton, Dr Andrew: “Implications of distinctive diaconal vocations”, Jul16

Owain Hughes, Trystan: What is a deacon?

Sentamu, John: “Archbishop John Sentamu’s renewed vision for ministry”

Sorensen, A: “What does it mean to be a distinctive deacon in the Church of England today?”

Swyer, Rebecca: “Discerning Vocation to the Distinctive Diaconate”, 2019

“The Hanover Report: The Diaconate As Ecumenical Opportunity”

“The Iona Report: The Diaconate in the Anglican Church of Canada”

Tiplady, Richard: the Vocational Diaconate as a Vehicle for Pioneer Ministry

WCC:  Called to Transformation:  Ecumenical Diakonia.  This can be bought as a book or downloaded in pdf from this link.


Church of England, Liturgy for the Ordination of Deacons

Ordination Declarations

For deacons at the end of curacy:  an adaptable Licensing service