Who cares for the deacon?

I've heard a number of stories recently of deacons experiencing burnout, or whose situation is very challenging and exhausting. The church's pastoral care of deacons can be sadly lacking. And it's so easy for deacons to neglect themselves, especially when our work is demanding.  Here are some practical and spiritual pointers for looking after our own needs as well as  the needs of others.

LOVE YOUR DDO 2023: how to be a resource!

So the Deacons’ Network Steering Group would like to invite you to take part in what we're calling 'Love your DDO 2023'.  Taking into account just how busy our DDOs are, it may be helpful for us to offer to be resource people for them, on behalf of the diaconate.

Here are a few practical suggestions for your consideration: feel free to adopt or adapt, according to your situation!

Advent, Deacons and the humility of God

the Son of God teaches us that humility means not clinging to things, things that might even be ours by right. Therefore, for us who are baptized into the life of the Trinity and ordained into the servanthood of Christ, we must be similarly kenotic: no honor, glory, reputation, status.