“We don’t need deacons any more.”

We deacons get used to people questioning our identity and purpose.  It's not only individuals who fail to understand:  sometimes a diocese will simply ignore our vocation and seem unable to fathom it or understand how it fits in with other ministries. It can be upsetting and distressing. All this is far too common in the life of the #distinctivedeacon.  To counter it, we've asked Bishop James Newcome to tell us how he sees the place of the diaconate in the life of the diocese.

Only Connect: distinctive deacon conference

‘Only Connect’ Distinctive Deacon Conference, Wydale Hall, Diocese of York 4-6th March 2022 Wydale, near Scarborough, was a beautiful setting for our first face to face gathering for two years. It was a joyful occasion shared by 26 participants including 5 enquirers and 1 ordinand. We were joined by deacons from Dioceses as far apart … Continue reading Only Connect: distinctive deacon conference

Refreshing the website

We're are currently giving the website a bit of an overhaul. This means a slight change to the look, and a reordering of the content - some new, some restructured, some duplicates and old content removed. We're keeping it live as we go, and as we move some old content around, subscribers to the blog … Continue reading Refreshing the website

Distinctive Deacons’ Christmas Newsletter 2021

But God is at work in and through all our circumstances.  Although the frustrations and sometimes the depressions have been many and various, there are unexpected blessings which have come our way, moments when we have become wonderfully aware of God's presence.  It is part of the call of distinctive deacons to be 'expectant and watchful for the signs of God's presence', and to have the freedom to respond to those signs, to reflect and adapt.