A hospital chaplain reflects on new year

I am sitting in the hospital chapel in the stillness as the shift change takes place on this New Years Eve. A steady, silent, silhouetted procession of staff come and go. Some ending their shift and coming in to light a candle and say a prayer as they leave the hospital and the old year behind and go home to family, friends and a quiet night in or a drink with colleagues. Others starting their night shift, one that will see out the old year and welcome the new. Patients to care for and families and staff to support in the silent hours of the night. I frequently sit here, in the semi darkness, in the shadows, in this familiar house of prayer, pondering what I do and why. As one year rolls into another, I do so again.


For Deacon Corinne Smith, St Michael has a special place in her experience: My birthday is the Holy Guardian Angels, so angels have always been very special for me. St Michael has followed me all through my life, from my first church when I was a little girl, up to my ordination at Michaelmas and … Continue reading A DEACON’S SAINT