Diaconal Ministries Canada has an excellent website with many good resources for their deacons.  Although it's not an Anglican church, they have a very well-worked-out understanding of diaconal ministry under 4 headings:  compassion, justice, stewardship and community ministry. The following comes from their series of 12 devotions for deacons,  concerning the nuts and bolts of … Continue reading DEVOTIONS FOR DEACONS: partnership

When a multi-socket is a thing of joy

I was at St Boniface on Sunday leading Satellite worship, and afterwards as we put away wires and equipment, our friendly neighbourhood electrician said to me 'see that multi-socket over there, the one for six plugs? It makes me so happy.' I stared at it.  It looked a perfectly normal socket to me.  'What makes … Continue reading When a multi-socket is a thing of joy