GEORGE HERBERT, priest and poet

Nothing really to do with deacons.  Just because he's one of my favourites.  You can listen to the poem too if you click on the heading. George Herbert Gentle exemplar, help us in our trials, With all that passed between you and your Lord, That intimate exchange of frowns and smiles Which chronicled your love-match … Continue reading GEORGE HERBERT, priest and poet


Malcolm Guite's poem connects up the ash that many Christians will receive today with the destruction of God's earth, and calls for repentance.  You can also listen to the poem by clicking on the title. Ash Wednesday Receive this cross of ash upon your brow, Brought from the burning of Palm Sunday’s cross. The forests … Continue reading THIS CROSS OF ASH


A poem for All Saints (click on the title if you would prefer to listen to the poet, Malcolm Guite, reading it) and an icon of the Coptic martyrs murdered by Isis, for All Souls. All Saints Though Satan breaks our dark glass into shards Each shard still shines with Christ’s reflected light, It glances … Continue reading ALL SAINTS and ALL SOULS