GEORGE HERBERT, priest and poet

Nothing really to do with deacons.  Just because he’s one of my favourites.  You can listen to the poem too if you click on the heading.

George Herbert

Gentle exemplar, help us in our trials,

With all that passed between you and your Lord,

That intimate exchange of frowns and smiles

Which chronicled your love-match with the Word.

Your manuscript, entrusted to a friend,

Has been entrusted now to every soul,

We make a new beginning in your end

And find your broken heart has made us whole.

Time has transplanted you, and you take root,

Past changing in the paradise of Love,

Help me to trace your temple, tune your lute,

And listen for an echo from above,

Open the window, let me hear you sing,

And see the Word with you in everything.

Malcolm Guite

2 thoughts on “GEORGE HERBERT, priest and poet

  1. Is he nothing to do with deacons?
    The most common complaint I hear about him is that he has unrealistic views on what ministers should do such as visiting around the parish etc.. could not help but to think that when these complaints are raised its because he is describing something closer to the diaconate than the priesthood, though admittedly I have not got round to reading his works myself yet..

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    1. What I meant was, that his poetry doesn’t float everybody’s boat, although anything that feeds us deacons spiritually is helpful to some, if not to others.

      Of course when he was alive, being a parish priest was a very different kettle of fish compared with now. I just love his ability to show in his poetry that tender filial link between God and us. I don’t think we get it in any other poet in quite the same way.


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