Deacon Lynne Chitty is running the London Marathon soon, in support of  Bradley Lowery and his family.  More details here:

bradley lowery

Lynne says:

‘I’ve shared Bradley Lowerys news, not to make everyone sad, but as a testament to the courage of his parents and as a thank you to this little lad who has won our hearts. I am running the London Marathon in 16 days time for terminally ill children and I can only admire and take my hat off to all those children and families who keep smiling through the tears amd heartache, and who keep living ecah day to the full. If you would like to sponsor me you can at but mostly I just want to say,  make the most of each day. Tell those around you that you love them, and never stop striving to do the best you can.’

Keep on running, Lynne, and may God bless your efforts.

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