Father Roy Donovan, Association of Catholic Priests,  is calling on the Irish bishops to halt the introduction of the permanent diaconate in Ireland until women can be included.  An interesting intervention!  It’s not often one finds such publicly passionate advocacy of women’s ministry in the Roman Catholic church.




  1. Yes, and some of the comments about women in the diaconate by Catholics are not very encouraging. I think it’s brave of Francis to create a commission to look at women in the diaconate, as he would know full well that he was taking on the men-only conservatives (although I strongly suspect he rather likes tweaking tails). The interesting thing about Roy Donovan is that he’s advocating for no permanent diaconate at all in Ireland yet, unless it includes women. The RCs have had the PD for 50 years and some men are already in training for it in Ireland, so I don’t hold out much hope that he will be heard. Still, it is encouraging that there are voices like his and I know there are more. Whether they are prepared to rally to his cry is a different matter. It’s harder for Catholics than for us Anglicans to stick their heads above theological parapets.


  2. …except on tapestries, ( as yout banner indicates) in paintings and in life, modelling subservience to the masculinity [and machismo] of the male.

    Yes, indeed, an interesting intervention. Quo Vadis?


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