Sometimes incumbents ask ‘why would I need a deacon?’  I took this challenge to a group of deacons and this is what they said:


Because …

  • Deacons are Jesus to the world and the church (Ignatius)
  • Deacons bring the world into worship, and worship into the world
  • Deacons are ambassadors for Christ’s servant ministry
  • Deacons have a focus which is outwards from the church, encouraging the whole church to be Christ’s servant in the world
  • Deacons are bridge builders between church and community
  • Deacons are the conscience of the church
  • Deacons are risk-takers and lost sheep-finders
  • ‘when the church takes its eyes off the diaconal calling, it normally ends up dividing to create a church that brings it back’
  • Deacons are the heart, feet, hands of the church in the community
  • Deacons are a visible reminder to the church of its own servant ministry
  • Deacons welcome people across the threshold of the church … and send them back out into the world refreshed and empowered
  • Deacons bring people to baptism and confirmation
  • Deacons equip the saints to be heralds of the gospel
  • Deacons are interpreters of the world to and for the church
  • Deacons are prophets, speaking truth to power
  • Deacons are called to model servant leadership
  • Deacons’ sacramental participation in the Eucharist flows out to the world in servant-hearted  mission

What would you add?


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