WHATSAPP FOR DEACONS: a helpful way to keep in touch

There’s a Whatsapp group for Anglican distinctive deacons, called GoDeacons, which is proving a very helpful way for deacons to keep in touch with each other.  If you’re a lone deacon in your diocese, or if there are very few of you, the whatsapp group means you can keep in easy touch with other deacons to remind you that you’re not alone, and there’s a whole company of us out there who will be understanding and supportive.

The whatsapp group is not just for lone deacons, however, but any deacon who would like to network with others around the country and in Europe too.

It’s also for diaconal enquirers and for diaconal ordinands.

It’s good for asking questions, sharing news and views, and requesting prayer.

If you’d be interested in joining, please send your name,  mobile phone number and your diocese to deacons@tutanota.com

You’ll need to download the whatsapp app! – which is free, from here:


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2 thoughts on “WHATSAPP FOR DEACONS: a helpful way to keep in touch

  1. Dear Gill

    Thank you for doing all that you do on the DEACON website. Although I’ve not been responding, I think you are wonderful!

    Well done and best wishes.


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