It’s wonderful that we deacons can now honour the first black American deaconess saint, Anna Alexander.  Her parents were recently-emancipated slaves, and everything was against her.  Despite it all, she developed a ministry of great fruitfulness.  What an inspiration!

General Convention has added Deaconess Anna Alexander, who began her ministry at Good Shepherd in Pennick, Georgia, to the Episcopal Church’s calendar of saints.

“In a time when the races were separated, she brought people of difference races together,” Presiding Bishop Michael Curry said. “And in a time when black children did not have many opportunities for education she made sure that they received them, because she followed the way of Jesus and his love.

“And in a time when women were not able to live completely into God’s call for them, she lived the fullness of God calling in her life anyway, starting schools, starting churches, spreading the good news to any and all regardless of race, class or kind. All this she did because she really followed Jesus and his way of love. She was in her time a living model of a follower of Jesus Christ. And she is that for us in our time. For that reason, the Episcopal Church honors and gives thanks for Deaconess Anna Alexander.”

Born the youngest of 11 children to recently emancipated slaves on St. Simons Island, Alexander (1865-1947) started a church and school in the Pennick Community west of Brunswick.

Her feast day is Sept. 24.

For a fuller biography of this remarkable deaconess, go to http://deaconessalexander.georgiaepiscopal.org/?page_id=42

Adapted from the Diocese of Georgia

Original text:  https://livingchurch.org/2018/07/19/deaconess-alexander-joins-the-calendar/













  1. Isn’t it amazing how certain people’s styles of speech stay with us. I wonder if MC also went rogue during this address; for me, that was an endearing feature of the one we were gifted with here in the UK.

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