Many thanks to Deacon Bronnie Broadhurst (York) who has sent this inspirational report.  A deacon doing what deacons do best  – out and about in the community with the  good news!

It was great seeing so many Deacon friends at the Chrism Eucharist last Thursday. It made my first Easter as an Ordained minister so special when the Archbishop washed my feet.
Image result for giving out easter eggs
“When reading the weekly Diocesan News email at the start of Lent, I noticed an interesting feature on the Miracle of Easter using chocolate eggs. It was a relatively new initiative begun in a Baptist Church I believe, but followed by others. The idea was to ask the congregation to contribute eggs and then donate them to families in deprived areas as a gift from the church, giving those who handed them out an opportunity to talk about the real meaning of Easter.
A further development had been to widen the donees to anyone with whom a conversation about Easter could be beneficial, attaching relevant details of church activities etc to the eggs. So I decided to ask for boxed eggs from my friends in Pocklington, produced stickers asking recipients to share the joy of the Risen Jesus and giving details of the children’s Easter workshop and the Easter Day Service. I also asked the church Treasurer to buy 50 copies of Nicky Gumbel’s “Why Easter” to provide additional support.
My first stop was the People’s Pantry ( a kind of food bank) where I met with some great people. The helpers were as interested as those coming in to collect food. Then I started to walk around Pocklington on the two market days and Saturdays before Easter, targeting children and those who looked lonely. I realised the Play Cafe and Burnby Hall Gardens play park would be great venues in the school holidays. The children had to explain to me why we celebrate Easter and the relevance of an egg. Often the parents/ grandparents wanted the booklet. Our Churches Together Lent Course this year was about Talking Jesus so I was learning how to develop my new ministry in the community.
I feel so privileged and blessed and hope at least one of the messages on the 170+ eggs I delivered bears fruit.


  1. From an ecumenical viewpoint, I think some aspects of this adventure are quite touching and very thoughtful. Major holiday times are so difficult for struggling kids from struggling families. So much diplomacy and sensitivity is necessary to break down the levels of reserve to draw them and their families in.


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