There are liturgical resources for deacons here on the Association for Episcopal Deacons website.  They include a template for Celebration of a Deacon’s New Ministry, Diocese of Olympia, which might be useful to plunder when thinking about a liturgy for your own ministry.

Association for Episcopal Deacons

(There’s also a template for a liturgy for the end of a deacon’s ministry, which is  a very strange concept!)

Deacon Michael Jackson, the longest-serving deacon and editor of the new book on the diaconate, also has some ‘Notes for Intercessors’, as organising intercessions can be part of the deacon’s task.  They are not primarily ‘diaconal’ as such, but they are a very useful template especially if you’ve got somebody new doing intercessions who needs a bit of guidance and encouragement.   Notes for Intercessors, from Michael Jackson, Diocese of Qu’Appelle in Canada

Take a look:




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