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Have you ever wished there was more understanding and appreciation of the diaconate?  Have you ever wanted more clarity in explaining what exactly your ministry is?  Have you ever wished for more support?  Would you like, or would you have liked, more of a diaconal input in your training and formation?

Then our 2020 conference DEACONS ON THE MOVE 2020 is definitely for you!  Our speaker is Bishop Martin Seeley, who is chair of the Church of England Ministry Council – and therefore one of the most influential people in the area of vocational selection, training and deployment.  You will definitely want to take up this fabulous opportunity of listening to him and having the opportunity to ask questions, when he speaks on

 ‘Towards a Flourishing Diaconate: Theological, Pastoral and Formational Perspectives’.

So if you haven’t got your ticket yet, now’s the time!  The conference is on 16 May in Birmingham, which is reasonably central for deacons all over the country.  The venue is Queen’s Foundation, which already trains Methodist deacons and counts three deacons on its teaching staff.  Here are the details – scroll down for accommodation suggestions too.

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Last time it was fabulous to be together with so many other deacons and DDOs.  So don’t delay – book today!Image result for dont delay, book today"


Images from VetNI and pitchero

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