From Deacon Paul Hollingworth, Romsey Abbey, Winchester:

Man dyes his hair pink for Cancer Research | Romsey Advertiser

Below is a message I put out on our local Facebook Romsey News and Info page

Hi all Deacon Paul, Romsey Abbey again. Just to let you know I’ve been daily keeping the whole of Romsey in prayer. I then thought that in the current time some of you might like me to pray for yourself or someone you know that may need support.
You can let me know by replying to this post with just a Christian name only (not full details to protect anonymity, God will know) and I will add each person to my daily prayers. You are never alone and I’m always available to speak with if you need someone to just listen, be you of any faith or none.
I’ve so far had 125 likes and 30 requests for prayers for around 60 people and a care home manager for the residents and staff. Plus a Romsey councillor has endorsed the message. But the most poignant was the one below.

Please pray for my Aunty Diane, she sadly lost my Uncle Tim on Saturday to this awful virus, she lives in Kent and I cannot be with her but would want her comforted please, thank you.

I now have a growing list to pray for each day, which will be my ministry until the pandemic is over.

It shows we can really be church through social media if we’re not afraid to reach out.

God bless all and stay safe.
[22:58, 15/04/2020] Paul Hollingworth Winchester: Ps. Out of all the likes and request only two were from known parishioners.

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