3 Steps to Pursuing Justice in Your Church

From the resources for deacons from those very diaconally-focused people, Diaconal Ministries Canada

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  • As a community, learn some basics about Biblical Justice
  • Recruit members for a small group and together learn about some unjust situations in your local community or beyond
  • As a small group or church, study a book, watch a film or invite a speaker
  • Learn and educate about life issues like housing, employment
  • Delve deeply into Scripture passages related to justice
  • Pray to discern where God is leading your church
  • Pray for passionate leaders



  • Church leaders with a heart for justice can have a powerful impact on the attitudes of their members. Tap into resources INSIDE your church walls:
  • Church members who have a passion for global issues
  • Congregational members who have skills (lawyers, law enforcement, social workers)
  • Look to those OUTSIDE of your church walls who are willing to educate and resource your church: they are often willing to be invited to a conversation
  • People or organizations who are already working for justice in your community
  • Social workers and police in your community



  • Do a Justice Sermon Series
  • Organize a Justice Film Festival
  • Mobilize resources that are already in your congregation and community
  • Be supportive of those who are engaged by praying and providing words of encouragement
  • Determine if your church is a safe place for everyone. Consider those with disabilities; refugees; those who struggle with mental illness; and those who have been abused
  • Assess your church’s policies and procedures for injustices
  • Explore your practices in how your church chooses leaders
  • Link community members with congregational members through conversations
  • Serve on a board of an organization in your community
  • Continually ask – are those who face injustice being empowered?

Start small and start soon!

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