DIAKONIA World Federation is exactly that:  it comprises a federation of diaconal ministries from different Christian denominations, an ecumenical organisation which keeps us in touch with each other so that we can learn, grow and develop together through shared experience and wisdom.

DIAKONIA is split up into global regional groups.  DOTAC (sorry about all these acronyms!) is Diakonia of the Americas and the Caribbean, and they are running a series of seminars on Mondays in May.

May 3: Reverend Doctor Carlos Emilio Ham.  “Diakonia in Times of the COVID Pandemic: Are We Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?”

May 10: Sister Dottie Almoney. “Reclaiming the “D” Word Diakonia in the Church”

May 17: Deacon Dionata Rodrigues de Oliveira. “Brazilian Perspectives on the Diaconate:Empowerment, Diaconal Methodology and Transformation”

May 24: Reverend Doctor Margaret Ann Crain: “Full and Equal Order: 25 Years of the United Methodist Order of Deacon”

May 31: Reverend Canon Deacon Michael Jackson: “The Diaconate: Seeking an Ecumenical Consensus”

Go to ‘Mondays in May’ for more details.

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