Some New Year thoughts from Roman Catholic Deacon Martin Donnelly, St Michael’s Church, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh.

Deacon Martin Reflects on the turn of the Year.

Recently I discovered a new year  prayer in a book by Victoria Hampton Wright, an author and editor of books on Ignatian Spirituality. I have been praying with the words for several days now as I examine the year just past.
The prayer speaks of a new year giving us the opportunity to let go of the past and devise a fresh plan for the future. It is another try to fulfil the life we want to live.
 Reflecting at the end of an old year on where God was present in life opens up to new possibilities to adjusting old ways to work better.A new year reminds us that the Holy Spirit is always moving, working and leading us to the next positive step.
This prayer speaks of a gentle and tender transformation into a new year. It offers no dramatic idealistic resolutions which will last less than week. It acknowledges God as a gentle and all powerful Creator of all that is beautiful in the world.
Pray it slowly and Ponder.
God of all time,
help us enter the New Year quietly,
thoughtful of who we are to ourselves and to others,
mindful that our steps make an impact
and our words carry power.
May we walk gently.
May we speak only after we have listened well.
Creator of all life,
help us enter the New Year reverently,
aware that you have endowed
every creature and plant, every person and habitat
with beauty and purpose.
May we regard the world with tenderness.
May we honour rather than destroy.
Lover of all souls,
help us enter the New Year joyfully,
willing to laugh and dance and dream,
remembering our many gifts with thanks
and looking forward to blessings yet to come.
May we welcome your lavish love.
May we cast off the small, vindictive god our fears have made.
May the grace and peace of Christ bless you now and in the days ahead.

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