Racial justice is the theme for this year’s week of prayer for Christian unity, especially appropriate given the Church of England’s decision to apologise and make reparation for its compliance in the original slave trade.  They are proposing that the money should go towards the work being done to halt modern slavery.

The Church of Scotland’s blog carries this article and resources.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity kicks off today (Wednesday 18 January) on the theme of racial justice, as churches around the world join the event aiming to strengthen the ecumenical ties between denominations and encourage a sense of mutual support.

The annual prayer initiative, which was first initiated in 1908 and is coordinated by the World Council of Churches, is traditionally observed from 18-25 January.

Rev John McPake, the Church of Scotland’s ecumenical officer, said:

“The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is grounded in the prayer of Jesus; ‘that they may all be one…that the world may believe’. (John 17: 21)

“At this time, we are invited to live out our response to that prayer in company with Christians in the place where we live and across the world we share.”

This year’s 2023 resources have been created by the churches of Minneapolis, exploring how the work of Christian unity can contribute to the promotion of racial justice across all levels of society.

The resources aim to encourage Christians to join together to open our hearts to see and hear the many ways in which racism continues to destroy lives, and to discern the steps we can take as individuals and communities to heal the hurts and build a better future for everyone.

Prayer for Christian Unity

You made us, God,
in Your own image,
and then became one of us,
proud of those you have made.

Make us proud of being part of that worldwide family,
and eager to discover and celebrate Your image
in every person, every culture, every nation,
that we are privileged to encounter.

This article is from the Church of Scotland website.  For more resources go to https://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/news-and-events/news/2023/articles/racial-justice-at-forefront-of-this-years-week-of-prayer-for-christian-unity

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