DIARY OF A DEACON PRISON CHAPLAIN: Sarah Gillard-Faulkner (Church Times)

The pandemic has enforced a return to simpler times. With no gathering for corporate worship in person, and no audio-visual kit available to provide an alternative, weekly interaction has been reduced to a simple leaflet with a short reflection on the readings of the day: something that can lift the imagination beyond the confinement of spending up to 23 hours a day in a room with a lavatory, and place the individual in the perspective of God’s wider world, if only for a while.

SHARING THE GRACE: Deacon Didier Rance

Interview: Didier Rance, historian by Terence Handley MacMath 24 November 2017 ‘Being a Christian is not to have won an undeserved jackpot, but to help all people win this jackpot’ I always wanted to be a historian. I studied medieval history at the Sorbonne, and left for Egypt to work on a doctorate in comparative … Continue reading SHARING THE GRACE: Deacon Didier Rance


No, not the wheeled variety!  In this interesting comment on the north-south divide and the failure of the C of E to take informed responsibility in poor areas, community theologian Ann Morisy says ‘the Church of Scotland, besides investing in coaching, provides additional full-time staff for each and every priority (poor) parish. The people appointed, … Continue reading DEACONS AS COMMUNITY COACHES