MY VOCATION STORY: Alice Smith, Head of Mission for CAPuk

'A number of helpful conversations with significant people introduced me to the Distinctive Diaconate and I was challenged to at least explore the possibility. The oldest ‘order’ of ministry in the Church, with St Stephen listed as the first appointed deacon (and martyr) in Acts 6, deacons were called to serve the wider community, bringing the needs and hopes of all the people into the Church, through relationship, prayer and active service.'

‘My passion is for reaching out to people who don’t come to church’

“But I was confused at that time as I thought then that a vicar was very much inside the church. My passion is for reaching out to people who don’t come to church. “Then I found out about the diaconate – I am going to be trained as a distinctive deacon and my focus as a distinctive deacon can be described as being at the door of the church, welcoming people in and also encouraging the church to go out into the world.”


'1st service as deacon this morning, 1st chance to wear my alb and the all seasons stole which was co-designed by the artist Yvonne Bell and myself.' Congratulations to John McWilliams and all those ordained a vocational deacon last week.  May blessings and joy be yours!  


7 May, this coming Sunday, is Vocations Sunday and this blog of course celebrates vocations to the distinctive diaconate.  It was great to read Gerrie's story and I'm delighted to post the vocation journey of Deacon Chris Saccali, assistant curate in the Greater Athens Chaplaincy in Greece.  Oh yes, there are distinctive deacons in the … Continue reading A DEACON IN GREECE