3 thoughts on “CAROLS IN THE PUB

  1. I forgot, we have friends who travel down every year in December to South Yorkshire with their instruments, mostly stringed ones, and like troubadours of yore, visit several hostelries and other community places caroling and folk singing.

    Thanks for your kind wishes.


  2. We used to do carols in the pub as a regular thing! Interesting about the choirs in Spain – sounds fun! Thanks for all your interest and comments – much appreciated and enjoyed. I hope your Christmas isn’t too cold, and that you enjoy all it has to offer.

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  3. It’s Great….just like the church community choirs doing their ‘thing’ in Spain, wherever they, as a group travel to. They themselves, were on holiday. The choir groups I have had the privilege to enjoy could really sing and joyously. They were good at moving around and if anyone wanted to join in and sing with them, (in Spanish, though with familiar Carols, so I guess you might have got away with dulcet notes in another language) you could). It provided a lovely spontaneous concert backdrop to an evening’s socialising.

    Wishing you all a great festive time, Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2018! (Hear from you then, if not sooner).



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