MINISTRY EXPERIENCE SCHEME: potential for diaconal vocations

Another opportunity for #distinctivedeacons to raise the profile of the diaconate in your diocese!  Is your diocese taking part in the Ministry Experience Scheme?

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A scheme offering young people experience of ministry in Church of England parishes is attracting an increasing number of participants, according to new figures released today.

The Ministry Experience Scheme, which offers year-long placements in churches across the country for young adults aged between 18 and 30 years old, is on course to have attracted 150 participants this year, compared to 47 in 2015. More than two thirds of dioceses in the Church of England are now taking part in the scheme.

Young adults on the scheme are encouraged to explore their vocation – not just to ordained ministry – living and working in communities in both urban and rural areas.

There is really good potential here for deacons to get on board with this scheme, and offer to host/mentor a young person who wants to get involved with community ministry.  If they find it inspiring, we may just see the beginning of a diaconal vocation.

Personally I’m convinced that if more young people knew about the distinctive diaconate, they would respond strongly to its emphasis on helping the poor and needy, and identifying and meeting needs in the community.  It would appeal to the sense of justice and of wanting to do something practical for God which we so often see in young people.

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Why not make enquiries of your Director for Mission and Ministry?  And work out what you could offer, to take part in such a scheme.

All the details here:


2 thoughts on “MINISTRY EXPERIENCE SCHEME: potential for diaconal vocations

  1. Hi Marcus, Does the diocese take part ‘re below?  Is it something to consider if not? Blessings  Paul JHSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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