This week, they finally found time to finish the editing of the video and I'm delighted that it has now replaced the outdated video on our web page.  I'm particularly delighted that Karl is so clear about the value of having a DD, as we are sometimes faced with incumbents who haven't a clue who we are or what to do with us.

MINISTRY EXPERIENCE SCHEME: potential for diaconal vocations

Another opportunity for #distinctivedeacons to raise the profile of the diaconate in your diocese!  Is your diocese taking part in the Ministry Experience Scheme? A scheme offering young people experience of ministry in Church of England parishes is attracting an increasing number of participants, according to new figures released today. The Ministry Experience Scheme, which … Continue reading MINISTRY EXPERIENCE SCHEME: potential for diaconal vocations


It goes without saying that we should all be constantly on the lookout for those people whom God is calling into some kind of ministry.  Tomorrow is Vocations Sunday (I hope lots of deacons are able to preach tomorrow!) and launches the Great Vocations Conversation by the CofE. And of course, it's a great opportunity … Continue reading THE GREAT VOCATIONS CONVERSATION