Last year I  approached our diocesan communications team (diocese of Exeter), and asked if they could record a video for our diocesan web page for distinctive deacons.  I suggested that they interview the Rev Karl Freeman, the vicar of Emmanuel church in Plymouth, and his #distinctivedeacon the Rev Bev Cree.

Our comms team is absolutely great – really engaged with it, and recorded   Bev and Karl this February.  Then the pandemic came along … and how the team survived to tell the story I don’t know, what with helping churches all over the diocese to learn how to zoom services!

This week, they finally found time to finish the editing of the video and I’m delighted that it has now replaced the outdated video on our web page.  I’m particularly delighted that Karl is so clear about the value of having a DD, as we are sometimes faced with incumbents who haven’t a clue who we are or what to do with us.

Please feel free to disseminate the link to the video and the web page as widely as you wish:  it can go to incumbents, training incumbents, theological training courses, diocesan directors of ordinands and members of their teams – and anyone else you can think of.

And if our page would help you to persuade your diocesan staff that a dedicated page on your own diocesan website would be a Good Thing for #distinctivedeacons, please plunder the ideas on ours in any way which would be appropriate, and help your diocese move forward in developing the #distinctivediaconate!


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