Since September 2019 I have been working with Louise McFerran, senior statistical researcher at Church House, to find a way of ensuring that #distinctivedeacons are held separately as a distinct body in the CofE stats of ordained clergy.
This is something we’ve been asking for, for at least 25 years.  It seems that now new software is available, this has become possible. Whoopee!  At last!
I’ve had more clarification about what we should be asking for, to get ourselves as #distinctivedeacons correctly assigned in our diocesan directories to help the CofE statistics department to harvest our stats as DDs separately from other clergy.
The national stats department is creating a field ‘Distinctive Deacon’
Please ask your diocesan directory IT boffins to do the same, and request them to revise your entries to include this field.
If they have any questions, they should get in touch with Louise McFerran, senior statistical researcher, at who is handling this for us.
What we need to do individually is to ensure that our entries in our diocesan databases/directories include those two magic words, ‘Distinctive Deacon.’
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