A special day today, 11 October, for the College of St Philip the Deacon in Exeter diocese, as this St Philip (not Philip the Apostle)  has newly become our patron saint, as suggested by our Bishop.  Today Exeter Cathedral will hold an inaugural Sung Evensong to celebrate, with Bishop Martin Shaw.  If you’re in the vicinity you’re welcome – cake and deaconversation in the cathedral cafe from 4pm, Evensong at 5.30!

You may like to use our little liturgy, approved by +Robert Atwell, as part of your private devotions today.  And don’t be surprised if ‘circumstances’ (or, as St Philip would say, the Holy Spirit) put you in a situation where you find you’re just the right person in the right place at the right time to help someone draw closer to God in Christ.

approved liturgy of St Philip the Deacon


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