A Whatsapp conversation recently was sparked off by a diaconal enquirer, who had been to see her DDO in a diocese which does not currently support distinctive deacon vocations (!)  She said “He is warming to the idea of me being a deacon, especially SSM but I have a lot of rough edges.”

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(image Champlain stone)

(Peter, Deacon in training)  “Don’t we all! I am in my first year of training as a DD and still marvel that God would want someone as broken as me! But his love and grace have been my guide.”

(David, Deacon curate) “I’m convinced that we are called to our diaconal vocation not despite our rough edges but because of them! It is only through our own rough edges – dependent on God’s grace – that we can hope to minister to those we meet with their own rough edges. May God bless all of those of us who have this messy, untidy, glorious vocation!”

Peter:  “I feel absolutely called as a DD. The most common question I get asked about it is ‘do you think you will go on to be fully ordained?’ My answer is always the same ‘Yes, as a Deacon!’ Everything seems to fall in to place for me as a Deacon.”

David:  “Q. “When will you become a proper minister?”

A. As opposed to an improper one, do you mean?”

Deacon Chris:  “Are you ordained?”  Err yes all clergy are deacons –  some go on to assume other posts/ hats.”

Deacon Stephanie:  “Messy, untidy and glorious! I love those adjectives, David. I was asked (by a Reader!) when I was going to be properly ordained but questions in the parish seemed to stop after our interregnum when I took on extra roles. Sometimes I joke, ‘you’d better ask the bishop who ordained me’. Sadly those occasions don’t often offer the time for intelligent conversations about the three-fold ministry. I haven’t posted before on here but am cheered by all the comments. Thank you all.”

Deacon Debbie:  “Reading all you have written today having come home from voluntary Hospital Chaplaincy, I too love those words Messy, Untidy and Glorious. I too get those questions, when are you going to be properly ordained or when will you be fully a Minister? I have never been more fully who God called me to be as a Deacon. ”

Peter:  “I have always found myself drawn to the edge of wherever I am and that is one of the things that affirms my calling to the diaconate for me.”

Debbie:  “Peter I too always find myself on the edges of places and people and longing to be alongside those in the darkness, deepest places saying I Love you, God loves you.”

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