We’re thrilled that the Rev Dr Anna Sorensen has condensed her PhD study on the diaconate into an interesting and very helpful booklet, ‘Exploring the Diaconate’.  She is Bishop’s Officer for Distinctive Deacons in the Diocese of Lincoln, as well as parish priest of the North Beltisloe group of parishes in the diocese of Lincoln.  So she’s speaking from a strong place. Thank you, Anna, for making it available to us all. 

Do please download it, and not only read it yourself, but send it to your DDOs and vocations advisers, and any enquirers you know of.   Her booklet has great potential to help the Church of England understand our ministry much better, and it’s up to us to spread it as widely as possible.

Exploring the Diaconate-1


2 thoughts on “EXPLORING THE DIACONATE: a helpful booklet from Anna Sorensen

  1. Forwarded with recommendation to covering bishop, bishops chaplain and DDOBlessingsPaul07886 115668Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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