This article is from the ‘American:  the Jesuit Review’ and is a podcast.  Let’s continue to pray for our sisters in the Roman Catholic church, who wait and pray and hope, and for Pope Francis in his bold new initiative of asking lay people for their thoughts on a variety of topics, including this one.

Many thanks to Deacon Corinne Smith for signposting this.

The debate about whether the Catholic Church should ordain women to the diaconate often focuses on theological and historical arguments. Rarely, though, do we hear from women who themselves feel called to this ministry. Meet Casey Stanton, co-director of Discerning Deacons, a project to engage Catholics in the active discernment of the church about women and the diaconate. We talk to Casey about how and why she feels like she’s called, and how she tempers feelings of frustration with a commitment to staying in the church.

Links from the Show:

(image from Angelus News)

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